• Dog Walking : single dog 16.00, each add’l dog 1.00. Walks are 20 minutes, including fresh water, treat and short note.
  • Vacation Pet Care: single pet 16.00, each add’l pet 1.00. Visits are min of 20 minutes, amount of visits catered to each client. Mail collected, lights altered, house looked over, plants attended to, trash put out, pets loved upon.
  • limited sleep over service: prices starting @ 70.00 per night/24 hour period for single pet, 5.00 for each add’l pet.
  • Kitty care: single cat 16.00, each add’l cat 1.00. Visits 20 minutes, including fresh water, feedings, litter boxes cleaned, kitty cuddling and play, all that is included in vaca care. meow:-)
  • Food/product delivery service: We are supporting the admirable decision of Dog Patch Pet and Feed to go “all rescue”. Since they donate all proceeds of their adoptions back to rescue, their livelihood depends on the sale of their food and product. We will be implementing a delivery service shortly, please call or e-mail for details. Kind of a Pet Peapod!
  • Holiday pricing @ time and a half per service.

  Please note we service Naperville.