Dawn Scarborough, Naperville, mom of Winston

Bonnie and Steve Toye of Friends of the Family Pet Sitting Service have

Mia & Simba

Mia & Simba

been lovingly and diligently caring for my best furry friends for over a dozen years. They first started caring for my previous dog when she became older and needed attention at mid-day. Then, they continued mid-day care for my subsequent puppy. I have large dogs, so walks are not easy. They have always treated my pets as they would their own. When I have an emergency and need them to visit at another time, they always come through. They also find and provide oversight to individuals that stay with my dog at my home when I’m on vacation. Knowing that they have carefully chosen these individuals to care for my best furry friend and maintains oversight allows me the piece of mind to enjoy my vacations. They have also provided care for the pets of other members of my family (both dogs and cats). They are the only people I would trust with my pet, and the only people I would recommend. They have never let me down, even in the coldest weather and the heaviest of snowstorms. I can’t say enough good things about these people. If you love your pet, then Bonnie and Steve Toye are the people you should trust.


Dawn Scarborough, Naperville, mom of Winston (aka Winnie the Pooh)